The big day in my life !

I found my dream girl & we were to get engaged.

Like any other girl, my fiancee ,Jagruti was excited about what we would wear, the colors , the styles etc.

I was equally excited about the event however being a guy, I was only thinking of what kind of outfit will be appropriate. I am glad  to have found a friend who is an Image consultant , who made it simple for me to choose and co-ordinate the outfit with Jagruti’s, also keeping in mind my choice and preference and more than anything else, my comfort.

Some great grooming tips that i have always relied on , as I trust Deepti’s instinct. I loved the idea of having the pocket square matched with my fiancee’s outfit (actually taken from her outfit ), something i could have never imagined as a possible option.

From choosing the engagement rings to choosing my outfit , she was always making sure that our confusions are taken care of.

I am definitely leaving my wedding outfit in the safe hands of this talented girl and she is going to be given the added responsibility of helping my bride to be with her skincare, makeup and grooming and the likes.

Thank you for helping us simplify our choices in the most exciting part of our life’s  journey.

Manoj Salwe




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