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Deepti Dange – The woman who is changing how people think and dress!




You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset.” –  Tom Hopkins

In today’s fast paced world; people take very little time to judge others. Specially, when it comes to the professional front, your appearance matters. Not just your appearance but your personality has to stop the recruiters in their tracks. As they say, a first impression is the last impression.

Deepti  Dange is one of the few people who understand this and help in grooming the overall personality. Her start-up Persona-stars Image management arises from the need for transformation in appearance, behaviour and communication. In her words, “Looking and feeling good  is an instant confidence booster and it can tremendously increase self worth,  and empower people to achieve any goal they have.”

Persona-stars Image Management, located in Pune, has a training and development model, wherein Deepti conducts training programs for groups and individuals through consultation sessions. She also runs an Image Consultant Mentoring Program and has trained more than 300 consultants Pan India. She feels, “It is important to guide people from your own experience, so they avoid making the same mistakes”.

Deepti has engaged with multinationals and people from various walks of life like children, college students , housewives , fashionistas, layers, doctors, business people, CEO’s , managers , architects etc through corporate workshops, open workshops and 1-2-1 consultations. Some of her esteemed clients are BNY Mellon International, Mercedes Benz, Chakan, MGM University, Sanjeev Group, CanPack India Ltd, Nrityaprerna School of Dance, Western Coalfields limited and Panache Finishing School.

Her business philosophy is “Be the best you can be to help others, and never stop improving. Never let go of the Big Picture and vision of the ultimate goal “. The USP of her venture is to provide an array of services such as

1.Personal Styling through the right dress for your body shape, role and goal

2.Wardrobe Evaluation and Personal Shopping service make dressing easy and interesting every day.

3.Personal Makeup and Grooming

4.Dining and Business Etiquette for Success in Persona, social and professional scenarios

Since 2011, she has been featured on Radio Channels such as Radio Mirchi, FM Gold and Radio One. She has also been featured in the Times of India and Lokmat Times.

So how did this journey begin for Deepti? She grew up in Delhi in a very open environment with children from diverse backgrounds. This enabled her to pick up social skills very early in life. She was quite the competitive kid in school and loved excelling at everything. As she began growing up, though, her creative side weighed higher and propelled her to take the path less travelled and choose arts. After that, she pursued a diploma in event and accidentally landed up in a contract centre job, which carved her path into the world of communication. She went on to pursue courses in Image Consulting from the USA.

From then onwards, there has been no looking back. Her routine is usually a day full of meetings with individuals interspersed with days of 6-8 hours of corporate training. She says, “I am always communicating either verbally, vocally and most definitely visually and preaching the same. I also enjoy working out as it helps me stay on my feet as long as the job demands.”

Her biggest challenge was that it was a western concept and a lot of time was gone into making people aware that their soft skills get them noticed even before their technical skills in today’s day and age. “We are a society where presentation skills are not really taught at an early age, and after we reach a certain point in our lives, people become rigid and even though they need change, they are not willing to give up certain things they think are their trademarks. These peculiarities usually are the hindrances in getting them further and little changes make a big difference in the way people perceive you and draw conclusion is other areas of life about you with 3-5 seconds of meeting you. I would say, creating awareness was challenging in my first 3 years of starting Persona-Stars,” she tells us.

She overcame the challenges with persistence. She spoke to as many people as possible and never let anyone dampen her spirit. She transformed herself and worked on her skills which she believes now convinces people that small changes make a huge difference. It is her undying spirit that has made her popular through word of mouth. She believes a happy client will talk to others and eventually refer them.

She keeps herself motivated through difficult times by surrounding herself with positive thoughts and books. In her words, “I believe that everything happens for a reason and one must wait for the silver lining and not give up on the way if things become cloudy.”

Her greatest inspirations are Image Master Judith Rasband and some other Senior  Image Masters and Etiquette trainers around the globe who are in their 70’s and yet so energetic and passionate about their work. She says, “It’s unbelievable and motivating to see their zeal and to see them love their work and life and how they live to the fullest.”

Her husband, who has been a pillar of support in her success fondly says, “I am so inspired and proud of your achievements and success. The focus and knowledge you have is just fantastic. I am happy to have married you.”

On an ending note, Deepti advises budding entrepreneurs, “Focus on doing the right things and doing things rights. Rewards and revenue will definitely follow sooner or later.”

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