IMPA’s Dress to Impress Workshop – 18th March 2017

This Women’s day month, Image Management Professionals’ Association conducted  a 2-hour free workshop on 18th March, titled “Dress to Impress” across India.

Deepti Dange, National Head , Membership and Certificate (IMPA ) conducted one of these workshops in Pune as a Senior Associate.

Clothes communicate and send messages about us to the others based on which they create first impressions about us. Looking appropriate, authentic and attractive in an affordable manner is essential for success in every walk of life. The way you look affects the way you think, feel, act and behave and then the way people react or respond to you.

The workshop covered:

Importance of Appearance Management
4 As of Appearance Management
Important elements that help in impressive dressing
Basic Wardrobe must haves
Dressing as per body shape, face shape & personal colors with attention to detail
Tips on looking chic and fab
Smart shopping tips
The workshop is a must attend event for any woman who wants to look attractive, chic & stylish and create a powerful impression on others.


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