Image Management Talk on Women’s Day at a Reputed Software and IT Company , Pune

Deepti Dange of Persona-Stars Image Management conducted a talk on Image Management for the women employees of a Reputed Software and IT Company, Pune .

The program covered :

  • Importance of First Impression
  • 3 parts of Communication process  and Elements of Visual Image
  • Body Image and its co-relation with Self esteem and confidence to achieve goals
  • Importance of Dress, choosing the right outfits as per shape, wearing the right colors and accessories for professional presence
  • Achieving authority and approach-ability as per role and goal requirement through elements of design
  • Business formal, business casual and casual dress guidelines for successful Image at work
  • How to Wear Indian Formals and still look sharp
  • Hygiene and Grooming to enhance appearance
  • Business Etiquette modules include gender neutral and specific etiquette , appropriate conduct via email , telephone , handshake , meeting and greeting, travel etc .
  • Body Language tips to read others mindset and also work on self to give the right message in communication.


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