Plus Size with STYLE



We have moved to an era where choices are avaialble for everything and every size.The question is-




Whether or not you decide to get healthy physically is your personal choice, however its co-related to the way you dress. Everyone wants to look good, irrespective of size.


The least you can do is make wise clothing choices for your size. If you have gained weight (for any plausible reason) , you can no longer be wearing the same old clothes, because, if you are not comfortable, that will show in your actions and emotions and that will ruin the impact that you would create on others. This will lead to demotivation, dejection and will affect your relationships. So, what is it that you could do ?


Now, rather than sulking, you could take this as an opportunity to shop and know your measurements (or take professional help). This is your “ME” time… time to bring some positive changes. Looking like you are stuffed in a bag to suffocate, by wearing (read stuffing yourself in)  a size 8 jeans , even if now you are a size 12, would that really make you look ATTRACTIVE? Or are you just harming yourself and your self image? Instead, welcome the change, accept the reality and love yourself.


Knowing what colors, patterens, textures and styles look good and flatter your body and using them in your closet will boost your confidence and it will bring back that smile on your face. If you cannot find the style you like, or the fit that gives you comfort, find a picture of a style you like and get it tailor-made. Pay attention to hair and make-up and some countering techniques. Don’t try to hide under oversized clothes as that will only make you look bigger, and i am sure that’s not the goal. Use accessories but do not go overboard with them. And always remember that BLACK is a color to your rescue… however don’t limit your wardrobe to just black!!


Learn what you can do with what you’ve got! Look attractive, appreciate your body. Being happy will get you the strength to move toward good health !