Save Time and Money – Hire a Personal Shopper



Being certified in Fashion Styling and Personal Shopper service conducted by Judith Rasband, in USA, and also learning expertise from Judith Graham in downtown New York , I can say that  balancing full-fledged careers and family lives — most men and women today are doing the juggling act. Add to this the desire of looking your best and being updated with the constantly changing fashion trends. At such times, getting specialised assistance for shopping may be a good idea. That’s where an image consultant steps in as a personal shoppers, whose objective is to make you look good always, be it your daily life or any special occasion, giving you their exclusive attention.

Wardrobe geniesRelatively new in India, Image consultants & personal shoppers are already a rage in large cities like New York, Boston and London. Abroad, this concept is popular in malls and big departmental stores.These stores at times tie up with Image Consultants to ensure that their customers have help at hand round the clock for a great shopping experience.   After make-up artists, fashion designers, grooming experts and wedding planners, we have inherited yet another trait from the west. But why is this concept booming? The answer is simple — the flourishing fashion and trends and  ever-growing Indian retail market is conducive to it and this brings with it, the need to look presentable and to control the effect of your clothes on you and on others.

Whats in  it for you?
When one thinks of hiring a personal shopper, the notion that it is a privilege reserved only for the elite, comes to mind. But that mindset is changing. Now, young boys and girls or middle-aged housewives, businessmen and all professionals are also using personal shoppers. Its helpful as not everyone knows the art of co-ordination and getting help on that can cut down cost, when you see that you only buy what is required, and you save time as you do not have to make several exchange and return trips .

Brand & budget
You must be wondering why you need a personal shopper, when you can just pull a friend along to shop.While a friend can only give you their opinion, as an Image consultant, we also take into consideration their personality and body type.We are aware of what will work, what wont work and the likes, hence we tell you how to make the tight choice based on the fabric, colors ,shapes , patterns etc.

Picky brides and grooms…
Apart from buying clothes and accessories for daily wear, for most shoppers, shopping for the big day has become a core element, because of its growing demand. An activity that can extend over months, shopping for a wedding includes buying the wedding trousseau, gifts for friends and relatives, etc and hence can be  overwhelming experience. So hiring a shopper is a good idea. “Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. At the same time you want value for money. This is where a personal shopper’s guidance comes really handy.
With so many bridal wear designers, couture stores and boutiques, the choices are endless and can be confusing for a novice. A personal shopper could provide you the assistance for your complete wedding planning and shopping, keeping the latest trends in mind and integrating it with your personal choice and your individual shape and needs.

How Image consultants help


  •    As Personal shoppers we know the latest trends, labels, brands and the right shops.
  •    We  broaden your taste and style, so that your wardrobe is less ordinary and more distinctive.
  •    Aware of current and upcoming seasonal sales, they help you get the most  of your money.
  •    You do not have to make several exchange and return trips to the shops for have made the wrong outfit selection at the first             time.