When Do You Need Image Management

The need for an image consultant often comes up during times of change, at a crossroads in life, or at a time of crisis. More often than not, people hire us as they struggle with clothing choices and co-ordination. They don’t know what to wear where. They are not happy with the way they look or feel or how others respond to them; however they are not sure where to start. They know their goals, but the incapability of looking appropriate and the fear of rejection becomes the biggest hinderence.They are ready to embark on a path of positive personal and/or professional development, and thats when a need arises to take professional help.

Your Image affects the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act and behave and then the way others respond or react, affecting the achievement of your goals and success in life!

How do I know if I need Image consulting? 

Every client has different needs; however “Change ” is a constant in all of them.

We come across people with various objectives in mind before hiring our services. To name a few,

  • we have people who want to increase their self- confidence, self -worth ,
  •  people who want to look more competent,
  •  overcome depression by lifting their mood through the way they dress and behave,
  •  people who want to re-invent themselves with a new look,
  •  want to look more youthful or want to age gracefully,
  •  need to update wardrobe,
  •  need to overcome fear of fashion,
  •  experiment with colors,
  •  need to understand why grooming and makeup is important,
  •  starting college, taking up a new job, being promoted and want an updated look my new post,
  •  housewives and mom’s returning to workforce,
  •  people who have had weight issues (gain and loss due to exercise or medical condition) ,
  •  dating, divorce, or to add magic to their relation by getting noticed and compliment by partners
  •  need  shopping assistant,
  •  need to improve the company or association’s image
  •  Improve customer relation.

These are a few reasons why people need help, and there can be many more.

This is why I call it a “LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE”.