Corporate Etiquette and Global Protocol


Success in getting, keeping, and advancing in a job depends 85 % on soft or “people” skills; and 15 % on technical knowledge and skills, according to three separate studies by Harvard University, the Carnegie Institute, and the Stanford Institute.
Do your executives possess the polished soft skills and business etiquette knowledge to best represent your company in today’s global business arena?

In today’s competitive global arena, knowing the rules of proper business etiquette and protocol is essential.  If the necessary protocol is overlooked or misunderstood, a misstep may jeopardize business relationships.

The personal and professional demands placed on business executives today surpass any experienced in the past. It is crucial to know how to make the best credible first impressions and effectively manage relationships across cultures.

PERSONA-STARS IMAGE MANAGEMENT  endeavors to be a partner for our client’s organization, its management team, mission, and corporate culture in equipping its executive talent with the all-important business protocol knowledge and soft skills required for success in today’s global arena. We have partnered with multinational clients in the financial services, accounting,  hospitality, and retailing, real estate, and manufacturing industries.

Our Clients Include : Mercedes Benz India, BNY Mellon International , Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd , MGM Unlimited University, S.Chand Group and many more.

We provide corporate solutions in Image Management in the following formats :

Power Dressing  for professionals with the Power of colors and styles

Dress as per Body shape ,

Grooming ,

Image Makers & Breakers

Art of accessorizing

Etiquette : In business, professional and social life.

Basic / General Etiquette , manners and behavior

Telephone, E-mail Etiquette

Travel Etiquette , hierarchy protocol

Handshake and Business card protocol

Introduction protocol

Social Etiquette & Travel Etiquette



Cocktail etiquette,Bar glasses,

Seating etiquette, Napkin etiquette, Knowing your flatware, Using flatware American and British styles,

The different courses in a meal, Do’s and Don’ts at table,

How to drink soup and eat bread, Fingerbowl etiquette, Buffet etiquette, using chopsticks etc.

Communication and Body language :

Self Concept for achievement of goals

Public Speaking and Presentation skills

Social media sensitivity.

Body Language Do’s and Don’ts (gender specific and Neutral)

Inter personal skills

Voice & Diction



We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.