Wardrobe Evaluation & Closet Organisation

Your clothes are your tools to a great Image.

Closet space or lack of it is a common problem in every home. People are convinced that there is no escape from a cluttered closet, but there is.

Deepti helps you organize your closets, and evaluate your wardrobe in such a way that it accommodates your clothes and accessories without the project becoming too complicated, elaborate, expensive or boring to you.

This package includes detailed personal consultation and complete evaluation of all your clothes, accessories, and shoes.

  • Detailed assessment and inventory of your entire wardrobe.
  • Keep only the most flattering, sentimental, and vintage pieces.
  • Develop a complete list of new must-have items and accessories to reinvigorate your look.
  • Become guilt free, each time you open the closet door.
  • Choose the right outfits for the right occasion in less than half the time you would usually spend. It’s a great time saver.
  • Save you money, as you have enough clothes and so you don’t go on a shopping binge every time you see a mall.
  • Wardrobe creation and shopping strategy services are available as well
  • Closet Organizing
  • Deciding What to Keep, Fix or Toss out
  •  Wardrobe Checklist
  • Care for Clothing
  • Budgeting for Cleaning and Costs of wardrobe update
  • Donating Your Used Clothing
  • Fabric and Pattern Guide
  • Organize Your Shoes
  • Jewelry and Accessory Storage