Chef K. Thirugnanasambantham,
Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Principal.

Thank you for your thoughtful contribution and your efforts to make a difference. Your presentation was very interesting, and we are receiving good feedback and comments about this event. You've truly inspired every student. It is a real satisfactory feeling to note the richness of content in your presentation and your honesty to share the knowledge. The students and faculty members have truly appreciated your efforts and impromptu discourse of the noteworthy information of your core area. Lastly, as a token of our gratitude for your contribution to student learning, please accept a certificate from us.

Rohit Singla
Sr. Director & Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO, India, BMC Software

I hired Deepti Dange, of persona -stars Image Management as a training Vendor at our organization. We had a program created for my team on Executive Presence and Customer Experience. Deepti used role plays and practical session on how to meet and greet the global leaders of the organisation and deliver state of the art customer experience by taking care of the small things that make a huge difference for a brands global positioning and value addition for its customers. The training has thrown light on the appropriate dress and grooming standards to kept in mind at various levels along with Fine Dining and Etiquette to make the clients and leaders feel respected and comfortable at the same time. We look forward to her next session with the team.

Nutan Deshpande
MGM Education Unlimited MGM Campus, Aurangabad

We at MGM are always delighted to work with you Deepti! So far we have conducted 7workshops on image building with you .For every workshop the feedback was encouraging. It was very helpful to our student & corporate participants. Your style of engaging participants and interactive sessions deemed to be outstanding .The dinning etiquette part was always enjoyable for all the participants. This was the most exciting workshop of MGM education Unlimited. Our Participants found the presentation well structured & practical. We would love to work in collaboration with you& express our appreciation towards Persona Star. What our participants say: “Best Training workshop I have attended and would recommend it to others .Facilitator was excellent- very friendly, made every one feel at ease and made it so interactive & interesting!” Thank You for the much needed inputs: Ms Bhagwati (Student) “Excellent workshop-Very upbeat & held the attention of all the delegates throughout. I personally learnt a lot, eventhough I have been in the industry for some years”: Yogesh Dhual, CTA (Corporate) “Exceptional content, delivery, pace-all spot on! Loved the enthusiasm and energy of the trainer-I feel enthused and motivated myself now.” We wish you continued success in your work serving others converse with clarity and confidence. Just to say thank you! Keep up the excellent work!

Dr Aparna Kakkad
Director - Mahatma Gandhi Mission

It has been a pleasure working with Deepti. What I value most in our relationship is the mutual Trust and Respect. During the personal consultation for grooming, I felt comfortable opening up with you and found that you are a patient listener. You took time to understand my needs and did not jump to recommendations by simply following present day fashion styles. I found you patient when I said that, I'm not ready to take on a highly pronounced makeover. In hindsight, I can say that you have a great persuasive talent, using which you prompted me to make subtle but defining changes in my choices of attire. Thank you!!! I must mention that your ideas and suggestions have helped to make a noticeable change in my dressing style...of course, the proof is the increasing number of compliments that I'm getting these days :-) It's kinda also adding to my confidence and helping me to make positive attitudinal changes and that's surely a big surprise for me :-))) I hope to go through one more round of consultation with you soon. Wishing you the very best always! With Gratitude and warm personal regards,


Thank you very much for the wonderful training. It was an enlightening one and a half days. The training certainly helped clarify my thoughts and understanding of how to look the part and walk the talk. A few things that I personally found useful and can adopt right away from the training

A. Agarwal

I was looking to move up the ladder and that is when I met Deepti. The details of how my appearance was about to change did sound very simple at first however the process was an eye opener. IMAGE MATTERS !! In my professional, social and personal life. Little things do make a big difference and now there is no looking back. I was happy that I got through as “The CEO”, but I was only Elated when I started to look and feel like one before I took the responsibilities in the new organization. Thank you for your efforts, people notice the change in Me.

Manisha Kejriwal

Being from a small town, but still moving to Pune for a course in Fashion had changed my life, but i was unaware of what the future had in store for me. With a devastating past and having spent 5 years behind closed doors, i had lost my confidence and the will to showcase my creative identity to the world. But like they say ” every cloud has a silver lining”, this time I reached out for an Image consultant and I am very happy to say that now there is no looking back. I have changed from inside out and ready to take on life’s challenges. I got my dream job and i am focused on finding ways of starting my own designer boutique, a few months from now. Thank you for bringing me back to life !!

Kiran & Sunil Landge

We have struggled from having a small farm to now constructing houses and realized that in the big real estate boom, we had to work on how people see us as a construction partnership and hence we approached Deepti . We learned the importance of dressing well and what not wear. The personal shopping and dining etiquette was an eye opener for how much we were unaware of thinks. Our friends now talk about us and love the change !

Palini Somji
Founder @ Quantum Human Resource Consulting

Deepti is an extremely respectable, committed and resourceful young lady who delivers results. She is very correct and considerate in her transactions to ensure a win-win situation for all stakeholders. She leverages her qualifications and work experience to bring maximum benefit to recipients of her service. She has a dogged resolve to ensure the success of a programme and pursue it to successful completion. Her commitment to ensure success for her customers extends well beyond the need to merely treat it as business or a job.

Mrinmayee Mahajan

I Personally had a great experience of learning about things I hate the most ! I also thought it was a great way of understanding things which we cannot learn from common people. I am hoping that this training will play a pivotal role in my future and help me get through different obstacles. I would also like to tell that the means of teaching were very good. Thank you, I learnt a lot of new things.

Tanmayee Mahajan

I enjoyed the sessions very much. I loved the way in which you taught us about clothes, confidence and presentation which generally people do not teach us. Thank you. I look forward to implementing the tips you gave me.

Mrinmayee Mahajan

I Personally had a great experience of learning about things I hate the most ! I also thought it was a great way of understanding things which we cannot learn from common people. I am hoping that this training will play a pivotal role in my future and help me get through different obstacles. I would also like to tell that the means of teaching were very good. Thank you, I learnt a lot of new things.

Prachee Mahambare
Founder and Chief Soft Skills trainer, PROFEX

Training was informative and interesting. What I liked the most was Ms Deepti made it simple and easy to follow. She covered almost all aspects of dining etiquette. I learnt a lot and I am happy with overall training experience.


I had most amazing experience from one to one make up session with you. You were very patient throughout the session and encouraged me a lot. I not only learned about make up but also good brands of make up products. I also liked the way you told me about Body language,tone of voice, face shape evaluation etc. I had never realized tone of voice could mean so much . I would highly highly recommend Persona Stars to any of my family and friends

Reddy & Reddy
Advocates & Legal Consultants

Your experience with Persona-Stars Image management and our 1-2-1 consulting service rendered by you in your own words: I got the reference of persona Stars through a friends who was really happy with Deepti Dange's training and other services. I took various 1 -2-1 courses from her like personal grooming and personality development. All the courses I took with Deepti was up to the mark and fabulous. From her way of conducting the courses, the way she conducts 1-2-1 consultation one can see her love towards her profession. She is a consultant who is very clear in her thoughts and is always well prepared for her training sessions. I have found Deepti to be a very approachable, creative, smart well-informed consultant.

Ravi Nagarkar
Kalyani Technoforge Ltd. - CEO & Director

Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped me tremendously through my journey with Persona Stars. Your helpfulness and directness helped challenge my dormant skills. It helped me in achieving my goal professionally and personally too. answer right away, which you know is all the time. I like that you refer to your personal work - related situations as an examples when teaching a lesson along with regular course outline. It is comforting to know whenever I have question you I have learned so much from you and cherish each moment rehearsing under your guidance. Thank you for being a remarkable coach and I am very grateful to have you as a coach. Sincerely,

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